About Geneva

Geneva, one of the most welcoming cities in Europe!

The setting is unique. On the shores of magnificent Lake Geneva where the Rhône river flows south, there lies Geneva, a city truly international in scope and humane in size.

A natural setting with a dazzling view of Mont-Blanc, Europe’s highest peak. A world of its own!

The quality of life is exceptional. The city welcomes her guests with ultimate luxury shopping, Switzerland’s most refined tables and a whole range of excellent services.

Geneva, world-renowned as the Capital of Peace, is proud to be at the origin of the Red Cross, proud to host the European headquarters of the United Nations whilst fulfilling her role as an important business hub. Profoundly influenced by her remarkable history, the city evolves in a truly multicultural environment.

This makes her a charming metropolis with a unique and most famous landmark, the Jet d’Eau. No visitor remains immune to her charm.

Come and discover the “Spirit of Geneva”!

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