Airport Transfers / Getting Around Geneva

Geneva Airport ↗
Information:  +41 22 717 71 05
Flight information:  0900 57 15 00 (from Switzerland only)

Taxis in Geneva
Fares between airport and the city range from about CHF 30 to CHF 50 and depend on destination, traffic conditions, time of day and number of passengers. Taxi fares are always shown on the taximeter.

Taxi-phone SA Geneva:
+41 22 33 141 33  /

AA Genève Central Taxi:
+41 22 3 202 202 /

Car rental
The car rental desks in the Swiss sector are situated at the Arrivals level.

Public transport
Reach the City centre easily and free of charge!
Your free 80-minute ticket is available from the ticket machine in the baggage reclaim hall at the airport.

Trains run regularly (every 15 minutes) from the airport to the city’s central train station (Cornavin) and it takes 10 minutes
The bus #10 from the Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) can also get you directly from the airport to the centre of town.

Check also with your hotel if they have a shuttle from the airport.

Getting around  ↗
If you are staying at a hotel, the establishment will offer you the Geneva Transport Card that allows you to use public transport in Geneva free of charge during your stay.
Get more information here: Geneva Transport Card.

Bicycle ↗
Bikes can be rented from the Cornavin Train Station and various  other locations around town. During the summer  you can also borrow a city bike for the day, free of charge, check out this great idea !