Abstract Submission

Abstract Preparation and Submission Guideline

Abstract submission will open on 10th February 2014 and will close on 4th April 2014.

All contributions to Linac14 will be managed using the JACoW Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS). All primary authors must own a profile and associated account within the JACoW repository, before submitting an abstract. Use the link https://oraweb.cern.ch/pls/linac2014/profile.html and follow the instructions to check whether you already have a JACoW profile and associated account. Create them if necessary.

Once logged into the Linac14 SPMS instance, please check to confirm that the data in your JACoW profile is up to date, especially your e-mail address and affiliation. Do this by clicking on the Modify Your Profile link.

Submit your abstract(s) by clicking on the Submit A New Abstract link and following the instructions here: Guideline for Abstract Submission