Invited Oral Presentations

01 Electron Accelerators and Applications

Optimizing RF Linacs as drivers for Inverse Compton Sources: the ELI-NP caseCristina VaccarezzaINFN / LNF
Early Commissioning and Operation in 12 GeV CEBAF + Future Upgrade PlanMichael Spata JLAB
Generation and acceleration of low-emittance, high-current electron beams for SuperKEKBMitsuhiro YoshidaKEK
Current Status of PAL-XFELIn Soo KoPAL
Status of Superconducting Electron Linac Driver for Rare Ion Beam Production at TRIUMFRobert LaxdalTRIUMF Canada
R&D efforts for ERLsRalf EichhornCornell University (CLASSE)
The MAX IV LinacSara ThorinLund University (MAX-lab)
The new LCLS-II project: Status and ChallengesJohn GalaydaSLAC
Status of Swiss FELHans-Heinrich BraunPSI
High-power industrial accelerator ILU-14 for E-beam and X-ray processingAlexander BryazginBINP SB RAS

02 Proton and Ion Accelerators and Applications

C-ADS Linac R&D ProgressHongwei ZhaoIMP
Beam Commissioning of the 100 MeV KOMAK LinacYong-Sub ChoKAERI
Cost Optimized Design of High Power LinacsMohammad EshraqiESS
Commissioning of energy upgrade linac of J-PARCKazuo HasegawaJAEA / J-PARC
Linac Construction Status of CSNS ProjectSheng WangIHEP
Chopping high intensity ion beams at FRANZChristoph WiesnerGoethe Universit¬Čt Frankfurt / IAP
Acceleration of mA CW proton beams in SARAF Phase-IArik KreiselSoreq NRC
Status of RAON Heavy Ion Accelerator ProjectHyung Jin KimIBS
CW heavy ion accelerator with adjustable energy for material scienceSergey KutsaevANL Physics Division
Superconducting RF Development for FRIB at MSUKenji SaitoFRIB
Status of the HIE ISOLDE LinacWalter Venturini DelsolaroCERN / BE Department
Superconducting cavities and cryomodules for proton and deuteron linacsGuillaume DevanzCEA / IRFU
An 800 MeV Superconducting Linac to Support Megawatt Proton Operations at FermilabValeri LebedevFNAL

03 Technology

Large scale testing of SRF cavities and modulesJacek SwierblewskiIFJ-PAN
Breakthrough technology for very high quality factors in SCRF cavitiesAlexander RomanenkoFermilab
Nb3Sn - Present Status and Potential as an Alternative SRF MaterialSam PosenCornell University (CLASSE)
Construction and RF Conditioning of the Cell-Coupled Drift Tube Linac (CCDTL) for Linac4 at CERNAlexey TribendisBINP SB RAS
New applications of high-gradient rf linacsAlexej GrudievCERN / BE Department
New X-band and above high gradient linacsSami TantawiSLAC Accelerator Research Dept. A
Phase locked magentrons for acceleratorsAmos DexterCockcroft Institute Lancaster University Engineering Department
High Power RF Sources for the ESS RF SystemsMorten JensenESS
Low Level RF for SRF AcceleratorsJulien BranlardDESY
Cryogenic Plants for SRF LinacsDana AreniusJLAB
SPIRAL2 cryomodule production result and analysesPierre-Emmanuel BernaudinGANIL
Results from the LCLS X-band TCAV with fs longitudinal resolutionYuantao DingSLAC
SPIRAL2 Bunch Extension MonitorRoman RevenkoGANIL
Allison Scanner Emittance Diagnostic Development at TRIUMFAurelia LaxdalTRIUMF Canada
Operation Experience with CW high Gradient and high QL CryomodulesCurt HovaterJLAB

04 Beam Dynamics, Extreme Beams, Sources and Beam Related Technologies

Single-knob beam line for transverse emittance partitioningChen XiaoGSI
Model and Beam Based Setup Procedures for a High Power Hadron Superconducting LinacAndrei ShishloORNL Spallation Neutron Source
Demonstration of a cascaded IFELErik HemsingSLAC
Challenges toward attosecond and zeptosecond XFELsTakashi TanakaRIKEN SPring-8 Center XFEL Research and Development Division
RF Guns for FELsFrank StephanDESY
Production of energetic ion beams using high intensity lasersZulfikar NajmudinImperial College of Science and Technology Department of Physics Blackett Laboratory
The Muon Accelerator Program Research EffortMark PalmerFermilab
AWAKE: Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERNEdda GschwendtnerCERN

05 Opening and Closing Session

Linear Collider StudiesSteinar StapnesCERN / DG Department
Commissioning of the low-energy part of Linac4Alessandra LombardiCERN / BE Department
Positive trends in radiation risk assessment and consequent opportunities for LINAC applicationsYehoshua SocolFalcon Analytics
Proton and Carbon Linacs for Hadron TherapyUgo AmaldiTERA
Prospects for accelerator driven Thorium systemsJean-Pierre RevolCERN / BE Department

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