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Monday 1st of September

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Thursday 3rd of September

01 Electron Accelerators and Applications

Experimental Verification of Feed-Forward Ground Motion Mitigation at ATF2Juergen PfingstnerCERN
The First Beam Recirculation and Beam Tuning in the Compact ERL at KEKHiroshi Sakai KEK
High Energy Electron Radiography Experiment Research Based on Picosecond Pulse-Width BunchZimin ZhangIMP
Study of Femtosecond Electron Bunch Generation at t-ACTSShigeru KashiwagiTohoku University
X-band Technology for FEL SourcesGerardo D'AuriaElettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.
Bridging the Gap Between Conventional RF Acceleration and Laser Driven AccelerationMichael V. FazioSLAC

02 Proton and Ion Accelerators and Applications

Completion of Efficiency and Intensity Upgrade of the ATLAS FacilityPeter OstroumovANL
RF Design of a Novel S-Band Backward Traveling Wave Linac for Proton TherapyStefano BenedettiTERA
SNS Linac Upgrade Plans for the Second Target StationJohn GalambosORNL
Operation of the Versatile Accelerator Driving the Low Power ADS GUINEVERE at SCK-CENMaud BaylacLPSC
Operation of the LINAC and the LINAC RF System for the Ion-Beam Therapy Center HeidelbergEike FeldmeierHIT
Spatially Periodic RF Qadrupole LinacAlexander Sergeevich PlastunITEP
The Heavy Ion Injector at the NICA ProjectAndrey ButenkoJINR
Beam Physics Challenge in FRIB Driver Linac*Yoshishige YamazakiFRIB
Commissioning and Operational Experience Gained with the Linac4 RFQ at the CERN Linac4Carlo RossiCERN
Study of the ACS cavity without a bridge cavityFujio NaitoKEK
4 K Alignment of Superconducting Quarter-Wave Cavities and 9 T Solenoids in the ATLAS Intensity Upgrade CryomoduleSang-Hoon KimANL

03 Technology

Surface Studies of Plasma Processed Nb SamplesPuneet Veer TyagiORNL
High Power Conditioning of Annular-ring Coupled Structures for the J-PARC LinacHiroyuki AoJAEA
Development of Superconducting Cavities and Related Infrastructure for High Intensity Proton Linac for Spallation Neutron SourceSatish Chandra JoshiRRCAT
Nondestructive Diagnostics of Proton Beam Halo and Transverse Bunch Position by Backward Wave StructuresSergey Vladimirovich KuzikovIAP/RAS
Efficiency of High Order Modes Extraction in the European XFEL LinacAlexey SulimovDESY
RF Input Power Couplers for High Current SRF ApplicationsVasim Firoj Khan HZB Berlin
Tuning and Field Stabilization of the Linac4 Drift Tube LinacMohammad Reza KhalvatiIPM
Effect of Beam-Loading on the Break-Down Rate of High Gradient Accelerating StructuresJose Luis Navarro QuiranteCERN
Linac4 Drift Tube Linac Manufacturing and AssemblySuitbert RambergerCERN
Emittance Measurement for SPring-8 Linac Using Four Six-Electrode BPMsKenichi YanagidaJASRI/SPring-8
Cool Down and Flux Trapping Studies on SRF CavitiesMatthias LiepeCornell University
Design of Novel RF Sources to Reduce the Beam Space-Charge EffectsMassimo Dal FornoSLAC

04 Beam Dynamics, Extreme Beams, Sources and Beam Related Technologies

A Review of Emittance Exchanger Beamlines: Past Experiments and Future ProposalsJayakar Charles Tobin ThangarajFNAL
Studies Of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation And Longitudinal Space Charge In The Jefferson Lab FEL DriverChris TennantJLAB
Space Charge Compensation in the Linac4 LEBT for Three Injected Gas TypesChristian Alfonso ValerioCERN
Benchmark of the Beam Dynamics Code DYNAC using the ESS Proton LinacRenato De PriscoESS
Linac4 Transverse and Longitudinal Emittance Reconstruction in the Presence of Space ChargeJean-Baptiste LallementCERN
Catalogue of Losses for the Linear IFMIF Prototype AcceleratorNicolas ChauvinCEA