Oral Presentation

Speaker Guidelines
There are 20-minute oral presentations, 30-minute oral presentations, and 5-minute oral posters.

If you will be giving a 20-minute talk, you should allow 3 minutes for discussion within this allotted time. A 30-minute talk includes 5 minutes for discussion within the allocated time. No discussion time is included for 5-minute oral posters.

A Preview/Testing Area (also called « Speaker Zone ») is available for speakers.

Speakers must upload their presentation to the Linac14 SPMS server following the instruction below. Use of individual laptops cannot be accommodated. The deadline for presentation upload is at 15:00 on the day before your talk. Accepted formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

Please note that 16/9 presentations will be allowed. With 4/3 presentations there will be black columns on each side of the screen.

Any special requirements concerning visual aids should be addressed to the local organizers at linac14.conf@cern.ch well in advance of the conference.

Before the Conference starts
Please upload your electronic presentation to the Linac14 SPMS server as early as possible but at the latest by 15:00 on the day before the presentation. Name the file with the programme code and « _talk » (for example MO104_talk.ppt) and then upload in the same way as for papers through your LINAC14 account. You can find the programme code assigned to your presentation when logging into the Linac14 SPMS server.
Note that the computers used for the presentations will be PCs running Windows. There will be no possibility for authors to use their own computers and if this will cause you problems, please contact linac14.conf@cern.ch as soon as possible.

At the Conference
Those speakers who have not uploaded their files in advance should either upload from the venue, or deliver them (PowerPoint, PDF) to the Preview/Testing Area at least one day in advance. Here the presentations can be checked and loaded on the Linac14 SPMS server

Before your session, please check that everything has been loaded correctly. Slides that have been successfully captured will be published via the conference website on the day of the presentation. Please be advised that by giving your talk you automatically agree to its online publication via the Linac14 Jacow-Indico website.

Official opening hours of the Preview/Testing Area:
•     Monday 08:30 – 18:00
•     Tuesday 08:30 – 18:00
•     Wednesday 08:30 – 12:00
•     Thursday 08:30 – 18:00

If you encounter any problems, please contact linac14.conf@cern.ch or the Preview Area at the conference.

During the Presentation
The Scientific Secretary on the podium will help you with your presentation. Please contact them just before the session with your talk starts.

On the podium you will be presented with a laptop displaying your presentation, a laser pointer and a wireless device to control your presentation.
The remaining time of your talk will be displayed on a small timer located on the podium.
Please do not hesitate to contact linac14.conf@cern.ch for further clarifications.